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Cat No. GTX80001
Application: CC
Package : 500μl

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PD 0325901

Cat No. GTX80002
Application: CC
Package : 500μl

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SB 431542

Cat No. GTX80003
Application: CC
Package : 500μl

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Caspase-1/3/8/9/10/12 Inhibitor Plus, Q-VD-OPh

Cat No. GTX47939
Application: Inhibition assay
Package : 1mg
GTX47939-caspase inhibitor_18121410_345.jpg

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Actinomycin D (Ready-to-Use)

Cat No. GTX47938
Application: CC, Control
Package : 50μl

Ready-to-use Apoptosis Inducers (Set of 5)

Cat No. GTX47933
Application: CC, Control
Package : 1kit

Etoposide (Ready-to-Use)

Cat No. GTX47934
Application: CC, Control
Package : 100μl

Dexamethasone (Ready-to-Use)

Cat No. GTX47935
Package : 1ml

ELISA Wash Buffer (30X)

Cat No. GTX48885
Application: ELISA
Package : 50ml

Caspase-3 Inhibitor, Z-D(OMe)E(OMe)VD(OMe)-FMK

Cat No. GTX47950
Package : 20μl
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